Air Freight

G&P Partners

for your successful business


Our group’s logistic capability enables us to transport your goods in any part of the world. Our group’s facilities give us the benefit to transport the cargo efficiently throughout the supply chain.


Our advantage is the innovative technology and logistics presence in the most promising segments of the transport market.
Our company is able to solve the most difficult tasks due to its successful experience in this sphere, fully qualified managers and optimal logistic solutions.
Our company knows that for the successful development it needs qualitative improvement of all key aspects of the work of the company as well as the constant search for new opportunities and business solutions.


Matching the international standards of corporate management, and finding the solutions for social issues are the priorities of our company.

We want to emphasize that our experience and quality service, the best business solutions and skillful financial management allows to carry out high-quality, fast and reliable transportation around the world.

Over course of the last year our company made a 30000 marine transportations and 460 railroad transportations.